Taking care of our body is a must to do, and now a days alot of us not doing what need to be done to keep track of our health from A to Z, very rare to find people dedicated to their health and fintess lifestyle as everyday thing to do and commit to it.

    From small basic gym Basil Shihab started his lifestyle choice of fitness and health, he start working out, run and take care of his body, the result was nothing but outstanding, and this is when Basil got our attention of his unique face look and his great body train technique.

    Basil Shihab was featured in our magazine for fashion editorial with our international fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer. After a great success and alot of readers and fan was asking more about Basil, Basil didnt waste time looking for his next move and make bigger steps towards what he loves.

    He start the new making new project with the photographer Ramsey Spencer, and his last photo shoot session was nothing but extraordinary, the mix of the grey cold weather and the warm defined body shape.

    The reason we also love how our photographer Ramsey Spencer works is taking things to extreme idea and photoshoot wise, from great lighting technique to directing and working with the model to even cloth style that it was all about ripping whats underneath to show case Basil amazing hard work body.

    Ripping cloths on a great body could go do wired directions and its very subjective, but the editorial turn out the way it really should be.

    As we see, from a small gym a person like Basil Shihab workout, love and take care of his body, open up doors for him to be on multi international stages and competitions and getting number one position for few times, as well as alot of international companies requested him to be a face of their brands and he is already booked for the entire year of traveling to compete and be the face of brands and that is what should be called  a success.

    Such a great passion give to all of us motivation and a push to keep up our decision when we want to hit the gym and work out, to stick with it and make the best out of it.