Fashion between 1930s – 1970s was very demanding on what one look can bring to the table in the fashion world. Sure now a days we see a 8 looks spread in any fashion magazine as the minimum, full of colors and brands and accessories. But back then it was about one look, few poses how to master it very well, make your expression right and how to even stand out when you wear what you buy.

    It amazes us how afford they put into just one model with his look, what fits him the best, from hair to style. Today its sure all about glow and shines with all digital cameras and full color and sharpening added to extreme, but we miss the real focus on the model him self mastering one piece at the time as full look from top to bottom with just simple camera with minimum coloration as it wasn’t the point, the point was what any person can do with one look at the time.