Quality …

    Quality lonely time with your self is what you need, whether you are a model or not, you want to feel a bit special with your self, you want to express your self on a personal level.

    Everyday shooting for a model like Aris, front of the camera, rocking each photo on set, clients happy, and we call it a day. But whats happens inside close door, usually its more expressive between two people only. This is what happen on our set with just our photographer Ramsey Spencer and his model Aris Gkikas. We didn’t care must of brands and high fashion cloths cause we already got that on the bag for the next day shooting, but wanted to go a bit over and semi crazy with great connection of expressions and thoughts.

    A large king size bed full of models compcards, comfortable boxers and the professional camera is set to off and relaxing on bed, its a show time for real. Gikias had no shame or any worries about rocking it and going with his real personality without any superficial poses and fashion direction. He just went as he wanted more than any others, and thats why we love casting and shooting our selective models, cause personality come first when you have your own privacy with great connection your photographer friend.