When you find out who did the best eye wear campaign is running all over Italy is a top model Lucas from Brazil who came to Milano for fashion week with his skate board and his great vibe to our fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer for such an editorial shooting in a great sunny day.

    It was just amazing to see his campaign photos posted all over Italy from Metros all the way to Duomo, the photographer knew what to do with him right a way, he simply asked him to come along with his skateboard and nothing else.

    With a simple look for such a great model like Lucas and his amazing face profile that got so much attention to details, with basic skinny jeans, and casual jeans shirt, home made tanktop and the sunglasses that made him be seen all around Italy. Every time there was a shoot saved on the camera, there was such a mystery to see more of him until found out his great tattoo art he got covered on his back and and great fit body shape, That’s explains how such a great model can not only just have the great amazing look and unique face profile but also can have something great underneath his cloths.

    This editorial is a simple highlight of a great connection between model Lucas and the photographer Ramsey Spencer, to express whats there from your own beauty and creativity inside out, even if you only have your own skateboard.