We all love our body after sometime we work hard on it, and we are surrounding now a day with all sort of trends such as fashion, photography, models, and how to be your best all the time.

    When we got the idea of making just normal person who study mechanical engineering and love working out and love his body he build over the years to be a model for our exclusive editorial, we sat back and took a breath questioning?.

    Our fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer always got his eye on point once he see someone and know how it will go farther without doing it just yet. After getting the plan from the photographer about the model, our photographer mention the engineer dude got the normal sex appeal and yet it can turn to a hit of fashion style.

    We gave total control to our photographer as we trust him totally, he style him with great limited edition collection from Rufskin direct from LA at the beach, tank top and swim wear and unique shorts style.

    It was all about how to show you can have it all from Im sexy and I can be the fashion bro that people see me all the time as stylish, from amazing long hair follow a great beard and blued eyes was a a very complex complete section already.

    After the beach it was time for simple jeans and his pure beauty and energy, the vibe was hot on point, the look was strong and right to the point. Nothing was on the way to get his jeans all the way off of him to make it all right there to show the amazing body and his body that it was worth working on for some time.

    Our mind want us to see the more of the engineer body and what is it all about, the face was rocking the set, but once you put the whole sex and beauty together, usually they are not together as a combo but they can work together very good and right on point, thats why our photographer said : we got a wrap, next time we are shooting your body in the next beauty male way to show that sex and beauty should be together and work together as well.

    This left us waiting patiently to see the next extreme adventure and what could happen then, we are waiting.