After sometimes, we always want to feel different, be different and experience the different. We enjoy sometimes looking and others and make fun of them, and others we envy them for having things we wish to have. Sure everyone can do it, but its about if you want or have the intention to do it. This is what happen with our fashion photographer capturing something dark, different, and dramatic with a person who never looked at others and envy them or wanted to be them or even do or copy them. His name is Michelle.

    A very down to earth and minimalistic person, was nothing but some candles to light, a wine to drink, a book to read. It was merged with his great body and his unique tattoos was covering the right spots of his nude shape.

    The night was dark, the scene was dark, the shooting the photographer made with his friend was dark, the personality and thoughts were dark, but was a sexy dark, mixed with dark person with his self confident personality that nothing can comes between him and him self. This is what we all envy, not a car with diamond watch to match, or penthouse with luxury services. We envy self confident, that I can be very naked, with my own body, enjoying my time, with some wine, and dark candles, even it was in a situation my picture was taken every time Michelle moves. This is what we all sometime want to have. To be just our self, express what is inside and show how we want to be our self. That is what we call Art of Nudity.