High Fashion …

    High Fashion is all about attention to details, passion, creativity, and very selective when it comes to fashion and style and thats how the name gain it reputation from. This world of modeling is very unique and different, meeting different models everyday is not the same as yesterday and this one cant go any wrong.

    Meeting one of the sleekest high fashion model Daniel Walteres. Tall and slim, the hair blow our mind, gender is always a plus when is confuses us and this is when we give it a full score as the model for high great fashion in our industry.

    Our international photographer made it all about the model with his own style and vision, dressing up a model and styling him is a big process cause things could go right and wrong, but when it comes to Walters, nothing really could go any wrong. Thats why the photographer decided to show a bit of less high fashion and haute couture, and focus on the model personality with the sharpest he can get, cause he is born for high fashion and there will be no doubt about it. Thats why there is a title called TOP MODEL.