Being …

    Being a way is first step to enjoy a great part of your life, the way you treat your self is the best step of the journey, Treating your self as VIP it will take hard work but its worth it at the end.

    St. George Lycabettus Hotel located in a great area of Athens.  Enjoy playing some tune, relaxing and drinking your favorite coffee, enjoy the sun and the view of what the best place got to offer, and chill around the pool while you gather your thoughts for your next adventure.

    Staying at the presidential suit is nothing but pleasure and joy, just be your self and do whatever you like in such a space and teat your self as a real person. Looking at your self in the mirror half naked is half way there, cause that show you are enjoying your personality.

    Playing piano, having the most amazing breakfast with breath taking view on Athens, back and have great nap and just do nothing, taking your back from a president to a real raw person.