First time you see it, you dont think twice about it. The edgy face model Nash was on set with our fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer, needed nothing but simple outfits from linen shirt from Top Porter, Nike running shoes, Prada underwear, D&G pants, CK socks and great sunglasses from Rayban to put this editorial to a great shoot.

    Cloudy day is the day is the day for this shoot and the plan went the way it should be, photographer knew with simple just one look can make the model of his edgiest look possible, with Nash’s sharp eyes and great defined face was all it matter, expressing shooting sometimes it become difficult, but when you see the model just so fine looking its hard to go over board with it and explain it in details as it shown in this editorial for our magazine.

    We asked our photographer Ramsey Spencer about what he thinks of the model Nash, and he replied: This model and his sick great face should be all over the fashion world from magazine to big campaigns.

    And we dont have any comment to reply back. So we leave it there.