Try everything …. Is it the key to life when you want to experience and try a lot of things in your daily life but not sure how it will come out ? question we ask out self a lot while we drink coffee or having lunch while we on vacation. We don’t want to say, lets put it to the test, but we want our fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer to create such a vibe to try it all with one of the great models in Budapest represent by WAM models.

    Simple idea, our photographer Ramsey Spencer took the whole concept to a smooth ride, wanted to do some simple looks from everyday wear so others wont freak about it as its over dressed or cant afford.

    Ramsey Spencer focused more on facial expression and body poses to make small story from the street all the way to pure raw body beauty. From cool t shirts for nice coffee time, to tank-top and relaxed jeans with weekend get a way bag, to feeling more sexier with the model skin with comfortable gym running shorts, and great fitted underwear.

    We always love to see people weather you love make or female, we all want the raw body some way or another, when the photographer Ramsey Spencer cast the model few days before shooting, he build the scene well to show how amazing can a model be when he take care of him self, as lifestyle and train so he can look great not just from the outside but in the inside as well.

    We all know our photographer signature style with his extreme ideas, but we love the soft side of this shooting cause we just see real model beauty made in Budapest.