Staying behind the frame is something unique specially its your first time meeting a professional team and go all the way to the real world of on location shooting was planed and set by our fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer and the model Elain from New Generation Models in Amsterdam.

    The unique frame in a frame shooting was a a very different touch to highlight the model personality and how can it be taken to the next step and do the unusual as thats the most fun part to see.

    Elain already got what it takes from great unique shaped eyes to solid body and the height of a model can do all type of modeling jobs, but the photographer had different idea in mind, it was all about how to make it edgy but stay basic at the same time.

    Amsterdam is well known of their bikes everywhere and everybody love to photograph the bikes parks, but the idea was to get the model into a different set of mind as its not about the normal location you live in, but its all about the mentality and how can you make it into a great expression of as person to make it as a model.

    Basic Levis jean jacket, plain shirt and black hoodie, all it took to make a great fashion editorial mix with fashion and personality at the same time. We love the model expression in every pose as he was set to go deep into the thoughts of the photographer’s head to get what needed to be done of that day.

    From the shadows to the sun and from the sun to darkness it was all matching the idea, at the end, as long you have the stat of mind like Elain to imagine how it be to be a great model, then the editorial it self can speak for it self.