Media is about professionals delivering a message in motion or stills, and us being the bridge to the world, and others love what we do, and follow our passion in our directions. This is why we as fashion photographers attend and are invited to fashion shows, and great events related to the art and beauty world, to highlight and share it with our community and the world.

    We were in the worst fashion week. It was managed very badly, from handling professionals, to lacking creative ideas, and everything looked like it was on a low budget and cheap to the eye of fashion. at least the fashion week was supposed to be.

    A Lot think there is Tel Aviv fashion week, but there is none, last fashion week a year ago was a private fashion week, but it was located in the city of Tel Aviv, so people don’t get confused with that, cause I’m sure if Tel Aviv city made this fashion week, it will not turn to horrible one like we were at.

    Let us start with our invitation to fashion week by one of the partners, gave our international fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer a personal official invitation, to the full fashion shows all that week, and as usual access all areas so it will be nicely and professionally covered to share it with the world, as this is why we are there for.

    We never met such a bad person who is responsible for the media and press, such an ugly soul and personality inside out, she hates her job and wanted to sabotage her boss, and wanted to be the boss of the show. We told her kindly we are invited personally to the shows for the magazines and media, and here is the personal voice message by the fashion week partners who invited us, the answer was: he invited you, let him take care of you. We never saw so much jealousy and hate for an employee towards her boss. She doesn’t even care about such a production she was at.

    How pathetic for such a person, to hate her boss and job, and being bossy on media and other photographers wanting to be in the show.  They invited photographers and media press, and they just let them manage things on their own, instead of a warm welcome and greet us, to cover shows and the creation they made for great publication, and us as media to share all this beauty to the world and others, but we met such a person is not suppose to be there, she is not suppose to deal with professionals like us professionals fashion photographers and media press, she just simply should stay home. She brought all the shame to her job and boss, and does not really care about no one, even her own work. As we also sense she hated gay people as some media were talking about it.

    To show how stupid everything was, we simply entered all areas, with all access, from backstage all the way to the front stage. Yes we covered everything also from the front stage of the runway, to photoshoot the fashion shows. So it wasn’t really worth all that drama, and we had our way inside all areas. as you see in the photos.

    Usually fashion shows are art statements, fashion designers come to fashion week to showcase their work, their art, and their passion about what they do. This fashion week was nothing but extremely boring, basic, and we didn’t see any great selection of work. Not just with fashion selection to make the whole fashion week interesting, but bad model selection, runway was basic and boring, music wasn’t ready when people start to be seat it, they brought normal people to the show as models on runway, a lot of staff were all over the place, A lot of people as nobody people wearing all access passes and they are not even photographers or media or anything, just normal people wonder around, people cross front of live cameras and photographers, its like we were in central bus station, security was absolutely off their job duty doing nothing bad a job, as we mentioned from the start, everyone there wanna be their own boss. Bad Bad team, and no real leader.

    Fashion is about art and creation of what’s next to be out there, beautiful models, people and creative runways, not just as designs, but maybe with some props and colors and effects to make it more interesting. We live in the fashion world, and this is how it works, beauty, lights, real fashion models, and most importantly a great amazing vibe.
    Speaking of vibe, the vibe was dead over there, from the bad person who is running the front desk ” I wanna be the boss ” woman who doesn’t belong in fashion week or industry at all, to dealing with professionals. No positive energy, even the photographers and press were not happy, and we were talking about it, everything was just off.

    We started to see some of the shows becoming a gay circus, we love gays, we are all gays, almost in this fashion world and beauty, but there is a limited, weather you wanted to make a statement with your show, or deliver a message, a limit is always welcome to make sure there is a good balance. But when its way over the top of everything, we don’t want another gay parade guys kissing on runways, I came to see a fashion show with great clothes and beautiful models, and great ideas, not men kissing, and gay stuff.

    Yes, you may see a lot of positive things from the gay community, but its really more of a show, and to show others, we doing the great things, and so on. But when hardly people see the truth of backstage personalities, and how other behaves, even towards each other as gays. We believe we need to be nice to each other and stick with each other. But once the lights are off at the end of the day, everything turns the opposite of beauty, because it was all just a show.

    Yes, always nice to include normal people, celebrities with non model looks, but at the end, this is fashion, and fashion always belong to the beauty and creative art world, we all wanted to be part of it, but when a lot of normal people be there as models, its like bring people from free markets to be a model, as this is more real. But for us, this is wrong, because you will never see real fashion models, with normal people like us as everyday people, that’s why it’s called a production. Professional models always must be there at shows, the same way there is real hair and make up backstage, should be real fashion models, and cast fashion designers’ collections to make balance and contrasts.

    We talked a lot of negativity as we never did before, we been in best fashion weeks and also fashion shows all around world, but this private fashion week was in Tel Aviv city, was nothing but shows without the excitement of how real fashion shows should be done, from meeting media and a bad welcome for photographers and press, and workers there try to be their own boss, because they hate their work. They should always be professional with everyone.

    We have been in great fashion weeks like Mercedes Benz fashion week around the world, private fashion designers, and also private fashion weeks, that’s why we speaking more from the heart of loving what we do, but at the same time, this is our professional opinion, because we saw and know things should be and done, specially a year before, we were at the same location of this fashion week, and it was way better, so things should go to the best, and not the worst.