Fashion ranges from the provocative to the practical and in the case of Eckhaus Latta’s latest Spring campaign they’ve ignored practical and gone all out on provocative to the point of making it R-rated. RISD graduates Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus, the creative duo behind the avant-garde unisex label, “a liberated audience… Liberated from branding or marketing mechanisms that make people feel small. We’d like to offer an alternative – whether that’s in self-image, body image, gender identity or colour.” Which explains why their latest campaign is off-the-charts nonconformist.

    Shot by Korean photographer, Heji Shin, the campaign features semi-clad real life couples having actual sex. The subversive, subtle nod to fashion comes in the semi-cladding – the couples are wearing Eckhaus Latta’s gender-fluid clothes – just not much of them. The images are strategically pixelated and have been sensitively shot so the couples look like they’re actually in the moment as opposed to a staged set up.