In our amazing fucked up world , we all live in a delusion some how , we love what we love , we do what we do , we get what we get and so on , out mask of superficial get into action from time to time till we are addict to it . Shallowness makes our personality unique some how , you ID your self of what you wear , how you wear it , and why you do so , not to forget about the body , that's is a different world indeed.
    Our surrounding is all about looks and first impression , you got 2 sec to make the best out of your self , or you will be out of the game forever. Highlight this amazing world with few images more than words is the perfect way to start looking at others form lifestyle to fashion to how they make it throw the day with their personality.
    Individuals like Tom Ford , Dior , Stefano , Donatella , set up their mind to make us something different , and we will be lying if we said no , they truly did some how make us dream, dream to own what they created from creative world of mind , they made us think how can be rich quickly just to shop at Gucci every Saturday with our Starbucks in the hand and spend on simple purchase , a year of your salary,
    ​We all wan to enjoy life some how, some of us can go throw it happy and some are miserable as fuck , but the best part is just to look at others what did they do to us from this amazing life to art and fashion what are we today, we always want to wake up of a mind set ; what to wear , why , where , what kind of person I want to be . Not to mention , how sexy and hot is my body to show it off even if I get picked up from such a photographer. That show I still belong in this world and now Im certain Im in the club .