Advancing in life is always important, and when your passion takes you to be a great chief, cook and work at the most amazing cuisines in the world, you start asking your self, whats out there I can make my self fit into.

    Our amazing model Basil share with us his great passion about life and his lifestyle after work, it comes down to great work out everyday and make the best out of his time. When you work out hard at the gym and you see amazing results, it would be great to take it to another level such as modeling or show that you take care of your body cause at the end, its important to have all great from inside out, he said.

    When our fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer met the model Basil, Spencer immediately start planing the scene and how to make him shine not just as gym dude, but as lifestyle with fashion and physics at the same time to make it different way of thinking and to do whats different and unique.

    Ramsey Spencer paired him with great high fashion brands and accessories as Dior, Vans, Diesel, Prada, D&G and Versace. Our model worked so perfect with the photographer as the model described is: butter on a muffin. Basil rocked the shooting with his great long hair, great body physics and give us a little bit of his sexy eyes to take us into his dreams.

    We know for sure we will see Basil shooting again with our amazing photographer and make great work again for the world of fashion and lifestyle.