Hunger is the worse thing could even happen to a person when there is hardly food around, in a very fashiony busy city like Milano, we always love to eat pizza and drink coffee, But in this case we pair it the pizza with crispy chips cause we know it will do the job right.

    Eating with style and art is the last thing anything can think about, but with our amazing model Riccardo, he didnt just eat, he was having the passion of posing and expressing him self to get over his hunger with style. 

    This is what beautiful in the fashion world, photographer like Ramsey Spencer takes a few minutes what for great idea for the next shooting and make it happen with the right style we always want to see.

    Remmeber one thing, when you eat and drink, always remember to do it with style and passion cause sometimes you never know who is watching you from the next table or walking by the cafe from the street.