What does …

    What does Greece of God means? after we meet Lukaz, we dont really care much cause we have the original copy already. We couldn’t figure it out, do we want to shoot a simple few looks with simple street style proving that whatever the client want to book him for he can be the one, or we couldn’t figure it out if we want to just shoot him as raw and let his sexual appearance speaks for it self.

    A model these days its all about face , body and personality and what we say with Luka is all in one person that we call him. The model to direct book.

    Our photographer cast him and was amazed with his great face jar lines , tattoos that we always find attractive and body cant go wrong, ” Lukaz, you should be doing all the jeans campaigns, amazing covers for beauty shots, and your body need to be highlight with the right mood on set to make you one of our favorite model. ” photographer said.

    Lukaz will have a great traveling, casting, and amazing booking a head of him as he star giving our world what it need from fashion on magnificent body and face that we will love to have in our wallpaper.