Light … 

    Lights is always make us feel comfortable inside even for short temporary time, we always look for any window in our life to look through it and experience the new life behind the window and face reality.

    Fashion and beauty mix well as couple get married or wearing such Amouage perfume with great sleek dark  Dior suit. Ricardo is the one looking for the new window to open in his life to the new light and inspiration for his modeling career. He have done great campaigns for high fashion brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Diesel, Daks, Armani, and major Italian designers, but he still want the extra step to dominate the market more and be on top.

    Ricardo from I love Models met with our fashion photographer Ramsey Spencer,  our photographer saw him up down- left right and said: Ricardo dear, the hair, eyes, personality. You got it already, let us create something wonderful and minimal with normal and casual as it gets, shooting around the great location it couldnt get any more enjoyably as it was a great click for all of us. The point was more of Ricardo and his personality more than what he can wear on his body, cause after all if you born to be a model, no matter what Ricardo wears its a steal on him.

    Thats when Ricardo start seeing his light through the new window of his second chapter of his modeling career as he will start the new season, and we will see more of him with new great campaigns soon.