Tooting on a podium, a live saxophonist performed a jazzy number before a black curtain raised to reveal two rows of models masquerading as city types in a range of tailored navy, black and gray looks by the house, unified by the same felt caps. Then out they stepped onto the floor, two by two, opening with a head-scratcher of a look combining a shirt and tie with bustier pants, ending just below the bust.
    That was the only real fashion twist, with the rest of the collection centered on no-frills sartorial silhouettes mixing contemporary cuts — think slim-fit three-piece suits; short, boxy double-breasted jackets, and cropped trousers that showed off socks in classic British patterns and prints — in classic British cloths. They included an exclusive pinstripe flannel developed with Fox Brothers, a gray melange herringbone and a Shetland wool houndstooth.