There’s a curious trend sweeping the streets at Men’s Fashion Week—in Milan, crossing the Piazza del Duomo; in London, heading toward the cultural hub at 180 The Strand. On otherwise striking models and style stars, an added head-turner: unapologetically debauched hair that’s so bad, it’s actually good.

    Think Pippi Longstocking braids thrown haphazardly over each shoulder, alongside curly shags that cling wet to the scalp like Maruchan noodles. Somehow, through sheer subversion or boldness, it works—and here, the wilder, the weirder, the better. A thick maroon perm, parted off-center with toupee proportions? Yes, please. An overgrown pixie dipped in peroxide with untamed, ashy roots? Why not?

    It’s a train wreck of hairstyles—you can’t look away, which is precisely the point. To wit, the models from Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Pitti Uomo show sported a surreal series of geometric flattops. Then there was one noteworthy blond who dared to make it a flattop mullet, complete with a long, rebellious stripe cascading down the neck. Terrible, then good—then suddenly, terribly good.