Clothes alone don’t make the man. Skin and hair are just as important. Which is why Tom and his team of lu whizzes have created a new line of top-shelf grooming products, out this month. But before you rush to the store, memorize Ford’s master grooming guidelines.

    10. “No need for deodorant. I like the way sweat smells. It’s sexy.”

    9. “I don’t eat onions or garlic. Ever. Fresh breath is important.”

    8. “But never chew gum in public.”

    7. “Get a pedicure.”


    6. “Use cold packets to get rid of eye puffiness.”

    5. “Like white teeth, white eyes matter. Use Visine.”

    4. “Want girls to let you put your fingers in certain places? Get a manicure.”

    3. “Even with a soft jaw, when you trim your beard well, you’ll look sharp and chiseled.”

    2. “Spray cologne all over.”

    1. “I personally hate shaved genitals, but ask your partner what he or she prefers.”